What is ProCoach?

ProCoach, presented to you by Mr. Fit Wells, is a 12-month, online program that allows clients to receive nutritional knowledge through a series of daily lessons and habit-building exercises.

These incredibly informational lessons and interactive exercises deliver permanent results because clients will develop a frame of mind that allows them to make less impulsive, and more educated decisions regarding food consumption.

Mr. Fit Wells will be with you every step of the way and will have visibility into all your responses and progress throughout the program. He will provide you with feedback on most of your interactive studies and is available 24/7 if you may need him.

This program will not only change the way you percieve food, but change the way you handle certain seemingly difficult circumstances. What you learn in ProCoach can and should be applied to nutrition; however, you will find that you may also learn this newfound knowledge to other areas of your life.

The program was designed by a group Ph.D. nutrition specialists who have been in the industry for over 15 years. I have chosen to align myself with Precision Nutrition as they share my belief that FAD diet plans and extreme supplementing is not a sustainable approach to one's overall health.

Is there really a limited time to sign up?

No, you can sign up at any time. The PreSale, however, is only provided for a specific amount of time and to a limited number of participants, in which you'd receive 45% off the monthly dues!

You can sign up for the program any time after that, but you will be charged at full price.

What kind of client is ProCoach for?

The wonderful thing about ProCoach is that the information offered is useful to people of all ages, genders or lifestyle. The program itself will be customized to your gender and age group; however, I will work closely with you to provide any additional details needed in your particular case, if we find that to be necessary.

No matter where you are in your journey, whether it be at the beginning where you may see a long stretch ahead or whether you're so close you can almost taste it, this program will be more than valuable to you.

Can I access this program while on the road?

Absolutely! This program is available for you to view on any platform that gives you access to the internet (i.e.: mobile phone, tablet, pc). You will also receive email alerts each and every time a lesson or exercise is released and readily available to you.

Will I get a meal plan equipped with recipes?

No, you will not receive a meal plan through this program. You will, however, master sustainable practices that will help you achieve your goals. Think about this in terms of the famous proverb, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

If I were to give you a meal plan, without giving you the knowledge to create your own meal plan, it'd do you no good in the long-run. Perhaps, in the short-run it may be beneficial, but it would not be a sustainable approach to your overall life as you may grow weary of the plan within just a few short weeks. 

It is also important to note that, although a specified meal plan will not be provided, there will be a number of creative recipes offered throughout the program that you will be able to print and use at your leisure.

I 'd like to join with a friend, can we share the monthly membership?

It is always encouraged by me that you engage in the support of your family and friends; however, the program is made for single person use, as your interactions with the program will be based on your unique circumstances. 

Will I also get a workout plan associated with this program?

The ProCoach program is purely for the purpose of aiding in the nutritional aspect of your overall health and does not require you to workout or track your physical activity. You are absolutely right, though, to be concerned about the physical fitness aspect of your health. 

It is always a wonderful idea to pair any nutrition program with a physical fitness routine. If you'd like to work with me, one-on-one or remotely to train your body alongside this program, please contact me right away to discuss rates and packages that would most fit your needs.

Do I have to provide my measurements and photos?

You are absolutely not obligated to share the specifics of your progress with me. It is recommended, though, to share this progress with me in order for me to better understand what may and may not be working for you. I cannot make any judgement when this information is not disclosed to me, but we can work together to ensure you are comfortable with any and all aspects of this program.  

I am a vegetarian. Will this program make sense for me?

The program will definitely work for you no matter what nutritional lifestyle you partake in. The program is designed to incorporate options for vegans/vegetarians. I will also work with you to provide any additional information your specific lifestyle might require.

What are other clients saying?

All of the clients I have recommended ProCoach to are extremely satisfied.

See what one of my clients, Jess, says about her experience with the program thus far:
"Using ProCoach has provided me with a daily reminder to stay on track. It targets my weaknesses when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle - accountability. It gives you small, manageable steps to get you to your goals and ways of overcoming challenges. I was struggling getting back into the gym, and I noticed that I was much more mindful of making time to exercise in just the first week on the program. My eating continues to be inconsistent at times but the program helps to remind me that I am doing better than when I had started- and that I can continue to make better choices moving forward. Having Chris coach me through this has been invaluable in knowing that he is keeping me accountable for my actions, while not judging me when I fall back on old habits." 

What if I am not happy with the program?

If, at any time, you are not happy with the program, please reach out to me directly before canceling. If there is any concern(s) you may have, I should be able to accommodate your needs outside the program.

Also, it is important to understand that this program is not designed as a quick-fix. Rather, this program is intended to help you build a solid foundation in which you will be able to make better choices, on your own, throughout the rest of your life. This means you may make mistakes, and it is encouraged that you do!

If you understand that anything worth having doesn't come easy, you will understand that it may take some time for the habits to stick and for progress to take place. If you do the work and stick with it throughout the whole year, I promise that you will see amazing and most importantly, permanent, results not only physically but mentally as well.

You have the right, though, to cancel at any time in the program if you feel the need to. Please note, you'll need to cancel in advance, before the next pay cycle, in order to not be charged for that month.