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What kind of name is that anyway?

Filosofitness derived from the term philosophy. What exactly is “philosophy”? Some think it is a “way of life” Others view the term as a particular belief or a set of actions that support an ideology. The term, though, encompasses much more than these explanations offer.

The term itself, of Greek origin, translates to a “Love of Wisdom”.

Thus, philosophy, is more of an activity: a quest after wisdom.

What does the term have to do with Fitness and Nutrition?

What our company strives to do is reach people at their core. To help them better understand that the more aware they are, the better equipped they’ll be to make the best choices in their lives. The programs we offer are specifically designed to not only educate but elicit action.

Although our goal is to help our clients realize this in all areas of their lives, we’ve found that focusing in the area of fitness and nutrition is the most set fire way to awaken them to the importance of awareness. The exposure and lessons we provide in fitness and nutrition will automatically bleed into the other areas of their lives.

What gives your team the credibility, though?

Good question. You’ll find our team likes those who question.

Our team was founded by Head Coach Chris Wells in 2011 who is in a diligent pursuit of reaching tens of millions of people around the world—yes, tens of millions of people.

Head Coach Chris grew up in a community in which health awareness was not prevalent. He witnessed his family members and elders in the community getting very sick at an early age. Being susceptible to chronic illness was very common and to him and his community, this was normal.

After completing culinary school, he moved to California and cooked in some of the most prestigious kitchens in San Francisco. One night, on his way home after a long and tiring shift, something prompted him to pull over, pull out his smart phone and proceed to sign up for a Personal Trainer cert. Within 9 months, he was out of the kitchen and in a gym. His increased knowledge of health helped him understand he was mostly a product of his choices in life. Once he became privy to this, he couldn’t wait to set off and share this newfound perspective to the world.

He moved on from working at big box gyms, where he witnessed practices and processes that he didn’t align with to a private, boutique gym of his own. In this environment, Chris has been able to use his own philosophy and help clients get off prescription meds, become more confident in the kitchen, reduce chronic inflammation, feel empowered and in control of their lives, and most importantly help them live longer and be their for their loved ones.

Personal Training Certified
National Academy of Sports Medicine

Level II Nutrition Certified
Precision Nutrition Inc.

Licensed Chek Practitioner
Chek Institute

Associate of Arts Degree, Culinary Arts
Yorktowne Business Institute

Bachelor of Science Degree, Kinesiology IP
Community of San Mateo College

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