Pump it up!

Feb 12, 2020

 by Gavin Burns

I'm sure that you have heard the expression "move it or lose it" at some point in your life. Today, I'd like to talk about how not moving your body can lead to the lack of circulation of fluids that need to be pumped throughout your body. I would also like to touch on how this relates to our relationships with one another.
Your body is a system of pumps that need your help to get the job done. It needs you to spend a few minutes every day doing things like getting up and down off of the ground, squatting and reaching across your body or expanding and contracting your diaphragm on a regular basis. Investing a little bit of time every day to practice these habits promotes the movement and flow of brand new fluids (blood, water, and lymph) throughout your entire body. This is the combination of squeezing out the old fluids. Not only does this help to increase circulation to the lower and upper limbs but also aids in the flushing of the lymphatic system. This plays a vital supporting role in your cardiovascular and immune system.
Let's look at this in a different light...

When was the last time that you checked in with yourself? How about your circle of influence?

One of the easiest ways to reach our visions in life is to make sure that our relationships are challenging and pushing us to move. Our personal and social relationships are huge variables in our life, and it's important to notice and name the areas of growth that need to be addressed.

Are you currently in a stagnant/ comfortable place or are you held accountable for your actions?

You should give value to everyone around you as well as they should you. They should be fueling your fire, and you should be fueling theirs.
So, remember, your body is a series of pumps that need your help to make sure that your blood and nutrients are getting to their destination! Your relationships should be doing the same for your life’s visions and goals. Next week, we are diving into the importance of exploring new planes of motion.
Be Well,
Coach Chris
“Make your lift a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” —Brian Tracy