The New Kid on the Block

Jan 8, 2020

 by Gavin Burns

You have probably heard all about the newest and coolest nutrient-rich kid on the block. That's right! I'm talking about bone broth! What's funny is that this dish isn't really as new as one may think. Until recently, this simple, but highly beneficial, recipe could only be found in your favorite restaurant and soup kitchen.
Bone broth has A LOT of health benefits besides just warming one’s soul. It has been shown to help with gut health, joint protection, healthy skin maintenance, increase in bone strength and aid in sleep health.
This delicious and healthy choice can easily be referred to as a stock. The common difference between stock and bone broth is the act of roasting your bones off before cooking your stock. My bone broth starts with raw bones to extract the most nutrients.
Wondering how you can make your own? Check out the videos below where I go over how to knock out this super simple recipe!
Bone Broth Pt. 1

Bone Broth Pt. 2
Be well,
Coach Chris