I couldn’t believe that I fit in size 6 jeans! It’s like a dream come true. I like everyone in the program, they’re all very friendly and [Head Coach Chris]’s knowledge! The best trainers I’ve ever worked with. I found my home here—
I am never leaving this program!

— Esmeralda Romero



Our clients are not just thriving and crushing goals, they are changing lives.

"[Head Coach Chris] is a dedicated personal trainer with tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline… and a lot of fun, too!

He can adjust his exercise programs to fit any age group—including myself at the age of 71!”


"In just a few, short months of working with Filosofitness, the tingling in my feet and legs that were bothering me earlier on are gone and I feel much stronger."


“I enjoyed my training sessions each and every time. The positive attitude at Filosofitness and the energy is dynamic. They motivated me to keep pushing myself, even on bad days.”


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